Decorative Vent Cover for a 16x10 Opening. Resin Paint Grade Grille Can Be Used As Return, Supply, Foundation Vent, Register. Cosmo Design 18x12 Overall Size

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  • Important: Main picture shown is a 12x6 grille (overall size approx. 14x8)

  • Choose size based on your opening. There is a 1/4 lip on the back of the grille, it is not completely flat. (see pic 2)

  • Grille will come with predrilled countersunk screw holes and screws

  • Grille is unfinished polyurethane material and will need to be painted by you.

  • Grilles are for wall or ceiling use only. Not for floor use.

The resin grille comes in a paint grade unfinished version allowing you to paint it in endless color choices. Switch out your boring register and see how much difference a decorative register grille can make in your home. Grilles are for wall and ceiling use only, not for floor use. The back of this grille is not flat, there is a 1/4 lip that will go inside your opening.